Higher school of Economics has calculated that the majority of shops of Russia put trading margin in 16-30%

In the first quarter of this year, mostly (60%) of Russian companies retail trade margins were 16-30%. The trading margin in the amount of 31-50% were used about 20% of organizations. These data are presented in the study "Business climate in retail trade in the first quarter of 2011", prepared by the Centre for market studies, Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge, HSE.The researchers surveyed executives at more than 4.2 thousand trading companies from 78 regions of Russia. According to survey participants, the desired average trading margin, which would be enough to offset the costs and profits, is about 40%. Only 2% of firms allowed themselves to increase prices by more than 70%.More than half (52%) of survey respondents reported higher prices during the first months of 2011. According to more than 70% of economic agents, the main contribution to growth should continue to make the appreciation of food.Entrepreneurs in the sphere of retail trade in the first quarter of this year led economic activity, according to the authors of the study, in constant tension and uncertainty about the future development prospects.In the assessments of respondents recorded an acceleration in the decrease of profits. Читать полностью -->

Greed will be your downfall

 Greed will be your downfallLow to appreciate their work is harmful. Not only for self-esteem and family budget, but also for the economy as a whole. This is the conclusion I receive more and more economists are arguing that is not the global crisis has caused a decline in wages, and Vice versa — excessive greed of employers have led the world economy to collapse.For Russia, this vital conclusion: the incomes of Russians fell dramatically during the crisis and since then hardly growing. At the end of this year, the growth in real incomes barely make it to 1.5 percent, predicts the Ministry of economic development. It will be a historical minimum — even in the crisis year of 2009 was an increase of 2.1%. But even such a cautious forecast may not come true: in may, for example, the real incomes of Russians fell by 7% compared to may of last year, in April (compared with last April) the decline was 3.8 percent.These figures could be even less if not the state with its social benefits. Читать полностью -->

Respectable Lord for respectable gentlemen: Orthodoxy premium

Believers explained why the wealth of the ChurchMikhail MoshkinThe head of the Synodal Department for Church and society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin explained to the citizens, why should the servants of God need expensive things and rich surroundings. One of the arguments in favor of the "so-called luxury" Willy-nilly forced to recall all of the PR slogan, which was created by one of the characters of Victor Pelevin: "Respectable Lord for respectable gentlemen" (actually, probably all the fault of the advertising campaign for the film adaptation of the Saga of "the creatives")."When people donate something to the Church, said father Vsevolod at the meeting with the youth audience of the lecture, - donate to the clergy looked worthy of including in the face of all the mighty of this world (which measures people's money), it's a natural human desire to show that the most important thing - not the rational expenditure of funds for certain transient needs that will never be completely filled, and the dedication of their money, their labor for that which belongs to God, for those symbols that remind us this is not politics, not Economics, not narrow-minded to the needs of man, not his material interests, and the presence of God, his mysteries and spiritual vertical in the world around us".But it's not just the desire to look worthy in the eyes of those who tries on the money. In General, "the people want God's churches, and vestments of the clergy, and the elements associated with the social prestige of the clergy, would have been most visible and reflect the Church's place in society, which any believer believes Central".I must say that answered wsewolod given to him on a specific issue - that "Patriarch allegedly wearing a very expensive watch, supposedly he's an expensive fleet, residence". Apparently, about hours the audience remembered by chance - in his time with the filing of the Ukrainian edition "Корреспондент.net" the Internet has gone out the rumor that the Primate of the ROC is wearing a Breguet watch, which can cost up to 36 thousand euros. "When we do certain things naturally, - parried wsewolod. - People want their hierarchs looked no worse than the representatives of the secular power, the churches looked no worse than the residence of the secular rulers".In General, the arguments of the head of the Synodal Department was to ensure that the community makes the Church rich and powerful. Читать полностью -->

The word of God in anthems of foreign countries hurts nobody believes cultural studies

Leading Morning TV program Russia had an interview with culture expert Sergey Tarabarov on the proposal of the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Boris Kashin to amend the text of the anthem of Russia. The MP, as it is known, offers a line of the hymn protected by God, his native land, replace the word God with the word us, because the mention of the Supreme allegedly violated the rights of atheists, which in Russia a lot.As noted by the Tarabarov, if you look at international experience, the words of the British national anthem - God save the Queen! - anyone's feelings do not offend, does not call anyone to believe or disbelieve, cites the opinion of a scientist Blagovest-info.For those who are fighting for the rights of atheists, one can cite the example of Turkey or Fiji, said the Tarabarov. - There is also a turning to God, that God will preserve their land, that God did not allow the enemies to the place of prayer. I use the word God в not Allah, not Buddha (Fiji 40% Buddhists). Here we are speaking about God as the Creator.The music for the anthem of Russia, according to experts, one of the best to the hymns. On the other hand, if we have very much changed the direction of country's development, it may require a new anthem, " added the Tarabarov. Читать полностью -->

Gaddafi still have to go

Political analyst Alexei Malashenko: Gaddafi will be forced to make the kinds of concessions that will devalue his stay in powerThe fact that there will come some kind of initiative, it was expected. I even thought that it will be available generally from North Korea. The only question that is still unclear, what of the Gaddafi.If the civil war will continue across the country is one scenario. If Gaddafi will be more and more locked on the territory of Tripoli, of course, there are no negotiations will be possible. If the situation in Libya will be to normalize, and he will negotiate with the rebels, especially in Benghazi, the initiative Chavez will make sense.So, everything will depend on how the situation will develop. But, judging by how Gaddafi acted, and how against him set up the East of Libya, with the center in the second largest city in the country, Benghazi, unlikely yet possible to talk about a real reconciliation.Last Gaddafi for another week - then the initiative Chavez will take place. Читать полностью -->

Russian journalists visited zone: It's like a scene out of the film-catastrophe

In the so-called "exclusion zone" meanwhile managed to visit to the Russian journalists the film crew of TV channel "Vesti". As it turned out, serious guard at the entrance to the danger area is not, and journalists were only 10 kilometers from the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1".However, the direct road to the NPP closed and allow only vehicles. The police are checking every car. Journalists, who had an easy pass the Expressway from Tokyo to Fukushima, missed, warning about caution."Speed the road was before the earthquake. Now - solid faults and failures - they say. - Warning signs are not everywhere. Читать полностью -->

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